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Are You An Alcoholic? An Alcohol Use Disorder Assessment For Philadelphia

While having an alcohol use disorder can wreak havoc on your health and friendships, the signs of alcoholism can be hard to spot. If you’re wondering whether you or a family member’s habits have ramped up to a disorder, our Alcohol Use Disorder Assessment for Philadelphia can help. Complete this tool to find out more regarding the signals of problematic alcohol use and make the decision if it’s right time to go to a treatment center.

What Does It Mean To Have An Alcohol Use Disorder?

Alcoholism is a persistent condition where a person shows behaviors of problem alcohol consumptions that impede their day-to-day life. The severity of alcohol use can differ, ranging from light to severe addiction, and can impact a person's mental and physical health, work or education, and relationships.

What Are A Few Indicators Of Alcohol Use Disorder?

Those with an alcohol use disorder could wrestle with:

  • Alcohol cravings
  • Little or no control over their use
  • Drinking leading to dangerous situations
  • Mental or physical health issues related to alcohol use
  • Inconsistent school or work performance caused by alcohol
  • Relationship problems stemming from alcohol use

Can Alcohol Use Disorder Be Cured?

Alcoholism can’t be cured in the familiar sense, but professional treatment can teach you to manage the reasons for alcohol use and help you stay sober.

The sooner you seek treatment, the more likely recovery will happen. Begin by completing our alcohol use disorder quiz for Philadelphia and getting ahold of Sunrise Detox by calling 856-333-3783 when you have questions or want treatment for you or a loved one. Sunrise is here to help when you’re ready.

NOTE:This self-assessment is not a substitute for a clinical evaluation.

Treatment for alcohol use generally involves a combination of counseling, medications, and support. Medically-managed detox is usually the initial stage to a safe recovery to rid your system of alcohol while managing your withdrawal symptoms. From there, our expert counselors can help craft a customized treatment plan for a persistent recovery.