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Detox For Bipolar Disorder And Addiction Near Philadelphia

Self-medicating your bipolar disorder with habit-forming drugs or alcohol can be devastating to both your relationships and health. Sunrise Detox offers the initial step of addiction recovery with medically assisted detox for substance use. We’ll help you eliminate drugs or alcohol from your system safely and comfortably while you learn how to navigate your bipolar disorder. Don’t attempt detox on your own. Contact us at 856-333-3783 today to receive immediate assistance for bipolar disorder and addiction near Philadelphia.

Sunrise Can Help You End The Bipolar-Addiction Spiral

Bipolar disorder can make life incredibly problematic. Shifts in mood and vitality considerably affect your mental and physical health. While addictive substances may provide some solace, they can also worsen bipolar symptoms and create new issues. When the feelings of euphoria wear off, the worse you become. As your body develops a tolerance, you require larger amounts -- or more potent substances -- to get the same effects. This cycle of self-medication can quickly become a substance use disorder and take over your life.

A medically directed detox is the first step to halt the addiction-bipolar spiral. Begin by contacting Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill at 856-333-3783.

Our staff will help you detox from drugs or alcohol while being cognizant of your bipolar disorder. We understand the impact co-occurring mental health disorders have on substance use and offer emotional assistance alongside withdrawal treatment. We’re standing by to assist you now.

Our Treatment For Bipolar Disorder And Addiction Near Philadelphia

Nobody should try to detox from alcohol or drugs alone. Withdrawal is difficult and can become life-threatening without proper medical care. When you’re ready to detox, contact Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill. Our welcoming detox facility and treatment methods are set up to help you detox in a safe and effective manner.

All treatment begins with an individual assessment to grasp your medical history and what you’re detoxing from. After your initial assessment, we’ll create a customized plan of treatment for you. If you are battling bipolar disorder, we will include this in your plan and treat you accordingly.

Medical Treatment During Detox

You are always safe during detox at Sunrise. Our team performs vital sign checks every 2-4 hours over the course of the detox process. If you feel unwell or experience pain, they will address your discomfort. Our nurses are trained to provide proven medications to minimize cravings and unease so you are as comfortable as possible.

Mental Health Support During Detox

While we focus primarily on your physical condition during detox, we also understand how bipolar disorder can complicate substance use treatment. We’ll help you address your mental health and ensure you get any prescriptions you have for your bipolar disorder.

You also have the option of attending therapy at Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill. We offer non-mandatory

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Peer support sessions

In therapy, you can start to explore the link between your bipolar disorder and substance use. In a peer support group, you’ll find individuals who have been where you are and want to encourage you to advance in your recovery. Our specialists will help you lay the groundwork for healthy coping strategies that will serve you in recovery.

If you’re struggling to locate treatment for bipolar and addiction near Philadelphia, Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill is your reliable, local detox facility. We have a spot for you. Just call 856-333-3783 today for the help you need.

Why Go To Sunrise Detox For Alcohol And Drug Detox?

If bipolar disorder plays a role in your substance use, turn to Sunrise to start your addiction recovery. We understand how co-occurring disorders like bipolar disorder contribute to addiction, and we work to treat both. Under our watch, you’ll be given everything you need to get through detox and advance to the next level of recovery.

At Sunrise, you can expect

  • Safe, specialized medical treatment for withdrawal symptoms
  • Optional mental health therapy
  • Round-the-clock, non-judgmental care from an understanding staff
  • A tastefully furnished room and private bathroom
  • Filling, chef-cooked meals
  • Resident break rooms and leisure activities
  • Complete patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Help with insurance and billing questions
  • Development of aftercare plans

Request Help Today For Bipolar Disorder And Addiction Near Philadelphia

Don’t try to detox on your own. When you need help with bipolar and addiction near Philadelphia, call Sunrise at 856-333-3783 or submit the contact form below. A member of our team will reach out immediately to discuss admissions with you. We answer 24/7, every day of the year. Contact us today for help.