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Complete Inpatient Medical Detox Services Near Philadelphia

Sunrise Detox knows that everyone responds to detox in a different fashion, and there is no single, universal treatment for substance addiction. Taking this into consideration, we offer customized medical detox services near Philadelphia. Our medical team is directed to minimize withdrawal symptoms and taper you off of dependency in regards to your personal requirements. With 24/7 treatment in our residential facility, we give you the ability to detox in a safe manner and provide the foundation for enduring recovery.

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Custom-Designed Medical Detox At Sunrise

Drug or alcohol addiction treatment is most productive whenever it’s customized to you. Our medical detox services near Philadelphia commence with a thorough medical assessment. After that’s complete, we’ll design the most suitable treatment plan and determine which medications are required to lessen symptoms of withdrawal. With an individualized care plan, we are able to keep you safe and as comfortable as possible during your stay.

You’ll always have medical staff keep a close eye on your pulse, respiration, and other vitals 24 hours a day and make sure that you are advancing smoothly and with a high level of comfort. Medical tapers may be altered in light of your progression with effective medications to minimize detrimental -- if not lethal -- side effects. You can trust our staff to answer questions and meet your specific needs to help you detox successfully.

Our Detox Approach

Our medical detox services consider all aspects of substance use disorder. We keep you as physically comfortable as we are able while treating addiction's mental and emotional origins through therapy. At  Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill, you’ll obtain compassionate, expert care from our team.

    • Medically guided detox
    • 24/7 supervision
    • Relaxation and rejuvenation
    • Individual therapy
    • Group therapy
    • Peer support
    • Aftercare planning
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Detox For Alcohol Use Disorder

Trying to do alcohol detox by yourself can be painful or even deadly. Our clinicians and nursing staff watch you 24/7 to lessen symptoms of withdrawal while providing a safe medical detox near Philadelphia. Using established medications, we can slowly bring you off of physical dependency without putting you into shock. Our procedure lets you stay as comfortable as possible and direct your attention on the ensuing steps of recovery.

Alcohol Use Assessment

Detox For Drug Use Disorder

Drug use permeates every facet of your existence.  Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill can help you with the undertaking of recovery with detox from drugs, including (but not limited to):

In accordance with your personal treatment strategy, you might be tapered with assistance from medications like Suboxone, which is given and overseen 24/7 by our medical personnel.


Facilitating A Lasting Recovery With Aftercare Planning

Detox is only one stage of addiction recovery. At Sunrise, we develop an aftercare blueprint with you to help you stay sober after you leave us. Every aftercare plan is individualized. We consider your specific case and talk about what you will need for ongoing support and treatment. And Sunrise Detox will always be here to provide assistance whenever you need us.

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Boost Your Mental Health Via Individual Therapy

Addiction typically goes hand-in-hand with mental disorders, like anxiety, and previous trauma. If you are capable, our skilled counselors work with you on the behavioral health issues corresponding with addiction. They use evidence-based therapies to identify and address co-occurring disorders and aid you in practicing beneficial coping strategies to help you achieve a healthier.

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Gather Support In Group Therapy

Sunrise provides voluntary group therapy two times per day and evening 12-step meetings. Group therapy provides a safe place to talk through your dealings with addiction and learn from others with similar issues. This may help you talk about your own circumstances and gain perspective on overcoming substance use. When you listen and participate as a group, you can reduce feelings of embarrassment, strain, and emotional pain that you could experience over the course of recovery.


Working Together With Peer Support Services

The more assistance you receive in detox, the higher your probability of a fruitful end result. Our Peer Support Program brings you together with behavioral health specialists and those who are recovering from alcohol or drug addiction and associated mental health disorders. These people are specially trained to advise you on your journey to recovery and wish to see you be successful.

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