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Explore The Gender Differences In Substance Use Disorders Near Philadelphia

April 26, 2024

All people with substance use disorders (SUDs) have urges to take mind-altering substances like drugs and alcohol. This mental disorder impacts both women and men, but are there differences in how the two genders endure SUDs? The most recent research says “Yes.”

Appreciating the gender differences in substance use disorders near Philadelphia can help you understand when someone close to you -- man or woman -- requires addiction treatment. It’s also helpful for treatment facilities, like Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill, when determining how to support patients. If you haven’t contemplated how SUD influences women and men before, take a look at the following information.

Do Women And Men Have The Same SUD Symptoms?

Both genders typically experience the same symptoms of SUD. These include:

  • Feeling compulsions to use addictive substances each day or multiple times a day
  • Having intense impulses to use that distract you from other activities and needs
  • Needing larger doses of a substance to experience the desired effect
  • Losing control over how often or how much you use
  • Spending more money than you can afford on a substance
  • Making a priority of getting substances over other commitments
  • Not fulfilling commitments as a result of substance use
  • Withdrawing from people close to you and social situations in order to use
  • Continuing to use the substance even if you see it is the source of your problems
  • Engaging in dangerous or illicit activities to find or use the substance
  • Going into withdrawal if you attempt to halt use
  • You fail in each attempt to cease using

However, habit-forming substances impact females at a quicker rate, so a substance use disorder progresses faster in women. Women, as a result, have a greater chance of experiencing acute symptoms before inquiring about treatment.

What Are A Few Noteworthy Differences In Substance Use Disorders Between Genders?

According to recent research about substance use, men do experience an SUD differently than women. In general:

  • Men are more likely to consume street drugs or misuse prescriptions.
  • Women are more prone to misuse prescription opioids, anti-anxiety meds, and sleeping tablets.
  • Men have higher rates of dependence for drugs and alcohol.
  • Mortality rates for women with alcohol disorders are 50 to 100 percent higher than in men.
  • Women and men are similarly prone to experience a substance use disorder.

Even though men are more likely to use illegal substances, women are more prone to misuse prescription drugs. This might be attributed to the fact that women are more willing to seek treatment for pain, sleep disorders, and anxiety. And although more men use dependency-causing drugs and alcohol in general, female physiology puts women at higher risk for fatal diseases prompted by substance use. But it’s crucial to note that everyone who ingests addictive alcohol or drugs has a similar chance of developing an SUD, and any SUD might be devastating or even fatal.

Do Men And Women Seek Addiction Treatment At Similar Rates?

One noteworthy gender difference in substance use disorders near Philadelphia concerns treatment. More men search for addiction care than women. Women are typically main caregivers and might not have a person to look after their families if they enter treatment. They may be scared of losing their little ones if they divulge their substance use disorder. Men are less likely to have caregiving obligations that prevent them from seeking residential care services.

Once they begin treatment, lasting recovery is a challenge for everyone. But, men have a better shot of reaching it as they are less likely to relapse. Women relapse at greater rates because they are more inclined to suffer from a debilitating substance use disorder or co-occurring disorders that inhibit recovery. They may also struggle to find addiction facilities that adjust treatment to their specific needs.

This discussion should not deter any individual from seeking treatment. Understanding these truths helps addiction treatment centers, family members, and society as a whole gain a better understanding how to help those experiencing SUDs. If you need assistance getting past drug or alcohol addiction, contact a local, reputable treatment facility ASAP.

Find Treatment That Understands Gender And Addiction Near Philadelphia

Men and women have differing needs for SUD treatment. Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill always tailors our support to your unique situation. If you are looking for a safe spot to stay and progress toward addiction recovery, phone us at 856-333-3783 or complete the following contact form. We answer right away, at all hours. Get in touch now; we’re here to help.